What it Takes to Start Earning Money Online as a Remote Teacher


Is Teaching Right for Me?

We should all thank the Internet for the bountiful job opportunities it has opened for many people like us. It helps us to connect to the world without the need to go out. And with it, you can create a teaching or tutoring career as a remote teacher or tutor and earn money by doing so.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you start your online teaching/tutoring career venture, ask yourself these questions:


  1. Am I patient enough to teach kids and adults who may lack comprehension skills?
  2. Do I have enough knowledge that I can share with my students?
  3. Do I enjoy talking with other people?
  4. Can I sit in front of a computer for at least a few hours every day?
  5. Do I have proficient computer skills?


If you answered “YES” to all of these questions, then you’re ready to start a remote teaching career.



Online Teaching Requirements

Let us first clear this out – you don’t need a degree in Education to start teaching online. Most jobs would only need that you have attained college level. But, certain specialized courses may require you to have teaching experience or a master’s degree.


Here are other requirements that will make you an effective teacher/tutor online:


  • You should be able to give at least one to four hours daily in front of your laptop or PC. This can stretch from six to eight, or even up to twelve hours depending on your availability.
  • You shouldn’t expect that all students are the same. You must have flexible teaching approaches with different students.
  • Nobody would want to study with Scrooge McDuck. You should make classes enjoyable for your students.
  • Being an online teacher/tutor would also require you to do writing/typing. If you’re not used to typing work, you should start practicing.
  • And lastly, you mustn’t just think of this as a job. You have to be passionate and enthusiastic about teaching.


If you still lack some of these requirements, it’s not too late. You can start working on it now and be an online remote teacher soon.


Common Mistakes New Teachers/Tutors Make

  • Not Dressing the Part

If you’ll be using a webcam in conducting your classes, give consideration to your overall appearance and teaching background. Working at home doesn’t mean that you can teach your students in your PJs. Wear appropriate and professional clothes that will earn your students respect.


  • Showing Up Unprepared

As a teacher/tutor, you’re responsible for your students’ learning. They’re paying you to educate them. You should prepare for your class beforehand. Prepare all the needed materials so that time that the students paid for will be used only for teaching and not for the preparation.


  • Not Giving Enough Feedback

For certain jobs like language studies, it’s important to give enough feedback and comments. Show them the areas they need to improve on and give them tips on how they can improve.


It’s understandable for inexperienced teachers/tutors to mess up sometimes. But with enough preparation and research, you won’t be included in that bracket.


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