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What It Takes to Start Earning Money Online as a Remote Game Tester


Is Video Game Testing Right for Me?

If you are interested in becoming a game tester and make money online, you have to know the qualities that employers are looking for. Based on our experience, there are some skills necessary for the job. This information will help you evaluate yourself if video game testing is right for you.


Core Skills

  • Analytical thinking – game testing involves problem solving and you need analytical thinking to do that. You need to write test cases that cover various aspects of the things the company wants to achieve.


  • Investigation and troubleshooting skills – you need to have the ability to find a bug in the video game you are testing and also know how to reproduce that bug.


  • Observational skills and detail-oriented – you need to pay attention to details and be observant to find bugs in the game you are testing.


  • Tolerance to tedious and repetitive tasks – the job can get boring because you have to play the game over and over again.


Additional Skills

These skills are generally required for IT jobs, including video game testing.


  • Good written and oral communication skills – a game tester has to write perfect bug reports and know how to effectively explain what went wrong. Some companies have a formal process that may require you to write test scenarios and record your test strategy.


  • Team player – you are working remotely alongside a team of professionals while playing video games in your home. Some people can have big egos that can hinder the team goals. If you are this type, we assure you that you will not last long in this job.


  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines – things can become hectic when the release date of the game gets closer. You need to still be able to perform under these conditions.


  • Work ethics – this is crucial for game tester jobs. It is so easy to ignore a bug and simply hope that no one finds out, but employers put their trust in you, so you should do your job well.



Technical Skills

For testing PC games, you may be required to have the capability of building a PC and troubleshooting hardware issues. For localization testing, you have to be an expert in a language. If you are a compliance tester, you should know the certification process of different constructors.



Some companies require experience in game testing. As game testers develop in this industry, we learn the tools and the game development cycle, and we acquire a sense for discovering defects. We also learn to identify the patterns. This is the reason some employers require experience. However, the job can still be available to inexperienced individuals.



Not all employers care about your passion about video games. What they really care about is that you can play a video game all day long. They just think this is easier for those who are passionate about video games. Moreover, they may want someone who is familiar with the genre of their games. Ultimately, it still matters that you have knowledge about video games.



Gaming companies do not usually require a specific degree to be a game tester, but the skills are often tested during the interview process.


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