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How to Make Money Online with Video Game Testing Jobs


Many moneymaking ideas are available online, but the most popular with teenagers and video game enthusiasts is game testing. Game tester jobs allow you to play video games while earning money online.


What is Game Testing?

Game testing involves testing video games before they come out in the market. As a game tester, we test upcoming games for errors, bugs, and glitches that may occur in the game. We evaluate the gameplay and provide feedback regarding the quality of its graphics and sound. We also provide opinions, whether we find the game enjoyable or not.


Video game companies want to make sure that the game is working perfectly before they release it around the globe.


Is It Easy to Earn Money as a Tester?

Many people love playing video games and spend so many hours every day playing. However, it could be hard to find a job as a tester if you are under 16. In the meantime, you can just interact and learn from your fellow gamers.


You may consider yourself a good candidate, but since game tester jobs are enjoyable and high-paying, it may not be as easy due to the following reasons:


  • Stiff competition – job openings can be limited.
  • Requirements – nowadays, requirements can be lenient, but you still need to have enough computer skills to be qualified.
  • Updated – you need to know about the latest high-tech video games and gadgets on the market.
  • Skills – one of the skills required is having the ability to adapt to different systems and strategies involved in playing video games.
  • Communication – you must be fluent in oral and written English because you will be writing detailed reports about the games that you have tested.


The most disciplined and passionate gamers can become a tester and earn money for their services. If you meet these requirements, earning money as a tester is not that hard after all.



How to Make Money Online Being a Video Game Tester

Playing video games online and earning money at the same time is interesting, particularly to gaming enthusiasts. However, you must be hard-working and willing to work with tight schedules to meet deadlines.


Here are the steps on how to make money online with video game tester jobs:


  1. Learn about game testing – it may not be enough that you love gaming, but you also need to learn about game testing itself. You can search online or read books for further information before applying to be a tester.
  2. Have a good Internet connection – a gaming computer and good internet access are required for the job. If you have a full-time job, you will need some spare time to fulfill your job as a tester.
  3. Learn or enhance skills – certain skills are required to be hired as a game tester, including observational skills, troubleshooting skills, technical skills, and communication skills. As you play games, you will find irregularities, bugs, unwanted electronic signals, technical problems, glitches, etc. You will make a report on your findings and submit it to the video gaming company.


Game tester jobs are available for those who are resourceful, smart, and have all these requirements even without a degree. You can actually finish your education while having a career as a tester.


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