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How Much Can I Make with Paid Survey Jobs Online?


By now, you may already be familiar with paid survey jobs online and want to be a part of this exciting field. After all, who doesn’t want to get paid just by sharing their opinion on products and services?


The important question now is how much can you make with paid survey jobs online? Is it enough to replace your current day job? Will you be earning enough to pay for all your expenses and have some extra for the finer things in life like travel?


The answer actually depends on you. Like any other job, taking paid survey jobs online takes dedication. If you put in enough effort and time on it, you’ll be earning a good amount of money. But how much is good? Let me break it down for you.


People Are Making $30 an Hour

You’ve heard of them. The Elite ones. People say they are making $30 per hour just by doing paid survey jobs online. They do exist, but did they do it overnight? Well, it might be possible, but you either have to work really hard or be extremely lucky.


Believe it or not, there are companies that are willing to pay people $5 for doing surveys that will take only around 10 to 15 minutes to finish. Finish 6 of these in an hour and you have an easy $30 in your account.



Offers Vary Widely

But not all companies are the same. There are great payouts out there and there are those that would just scam you. Be prepared to weed out the fake ones.


But once you find a legit survey company, you’ll start earning money in no time. By that, I don’t mean earning lucratively. There are times when you need to take quite a few surveys just to get a few measly dollars. It might not be enough but it’s cash on hand.


Level Up

There are paid survey jobs online companies that will pay you with coupons or just a few cents for an online survey as a starting project. These are just tests of your dedication and interest. Most people would forego these assignments and wait for the next, higher-paying ones. My suggestion is to take everything that comes along your way. They may not be paying enough at the beginning but once companies take notice of your consistency, you’ll be getting more projects that pay higher.


Premium Surveys

These are the goldmine of paid survey jobs online. Imagine doing a survey and getting $50 once you’ve completed it. And they’re happening. These premium surveys are rare but if they are offered to you, that means the survey company values your opinion.


Getting Help

If you want to get ahead of the flock and earn more money doing paid survey jobs online than you can ever imagine, there are some companies out there that can help you. Gold Opinions, for example, take the guess work out of the paid only surveys processes so you can earn decent money in as little time as possible.


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