How Much Can I Make with Freelance Teaching Jobs Online?


We’ve already established that you can earn big bucks from online teaching. But, how much are we exactly talking about? Basically, your payment will be based on an hourly rate. It can range from $30 up to $120.


Yes, you’re not dreaming. You can earn up to $120 an hour just by sharing you knowledge to other people. But, there are several factors that can affect how much you can earn from freelance teaching jobs online.


Type of Job

Some teaching jobs would require you to have a master’s degree, but most don’t. Those jobs that are meticulous with the teacher’s educational attainment would most likely pay more. But, it doesn’t mean that other jobs wouldn’t pay well.


Teaching minor subjects would have lower hourly ratings compared to other specialized courses. But, $30 an hour to teach how to use Microsoft Office applications isn’t so bad.



This includes your availability and the jobs that you can claim. You can get a high payment if you can work more every day. For example, if you can work for 5 hours every day at $50 an hour, you can earn $250 daily. That’s $1,250 a week, or $5,000 a month.


Just by staying at home and teaching what you know, you can earn that much. It’s more than the minimum wage job that usually requires hard labor and commuting every day.


“When I was a grocery store clerk, I barely made enough money to pay my rent. I had to get several jobs just to make a living. But when I found out about online teaching, my situation took a turn for the best. I work for 8 hours a day, but I get to stay at home. I earn about $400 a day! I wouldn’t be able to earn that much at my previous work even when I go overtime.” – Daniel, a college undergraduate from Pittsburgh, PA.



Variety of Skill Set

If you’re knowledgeable and can teach various topics, it means that you’ll have more job choices. More jobs mean more money!


For example, a linguist who can speak 5 different languages will have more opportunities of getting language teaching jobs. An architect can teach basic to advanced classes such as basic drawing classes or architectural design.


Quality Classes

With having a lot of competition, being an online teacher/tutor can become challenging as well. One way to ensure that you’ll always get jobs is for you to deliver high-quality classes. In this way, you’ll be able to get regular students if they’re satisfied with your classes.


“I always try to give my best with all my classes. When I tutor kids Math and Science, I try to make it as fun as it can be. We sing, dance, and I sometimes use puppets when I teach. I currently have 5 regular students who study with me on a weekly basis.” – Samantha, a school teacher who quit and pursued online teaching.


You can have access thousands of high-paying teaching jobs, but the amount of money you’ll be earning will still be up to you. You can’t assure that you’re going to be a millionaire overnight. You would still need to work hard for that to happen.


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