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How Much Can I Make with Freelance Social Media Jobs Online?


The average minimum wage in the US is $7.25 an hour. That’s a little less than a thousand dollars monthly including income tax deductions. If you are earning a minimum wage, it would be hard to make ends meet especially if you have a family to support. For single parents, it will be more difficult since they need to hire childcare whenever they need to go to work.


If you’re one of these people who experience these kinds of life challenges, you may need to think about switching careers. But with today’s economy and cutthroat competition, it may be difficult to find a high-paying job.


Freelance Social Media Jobs Online

There are tons of jobs online that promise a high salary. Some may give you a high salary, but the job can be too difficult or impossible to do. But with social media jobs, you just need to go online and do simple tasks while getting paid. You may just need to update a client’s page, post new content, or answer customers’ questions, and then get paid.


How Much Can You Earn?

The big question is “How much can I earn from working at home as a social media worker?”


It will depend on you. If you’re new in the industry and do not have prior experience, you would probably start at a low rate of $5 per job. If you’d work for 5 days a week with one job a day, you can earn $25 weekly. This isn’t a bad start at all. It would also be a great alternate source of income.


But after working for a month or two and gaining enough experience, you can easily earn up to $2,000 monthly. That’s more than what a minimum wage employee earns. You can also be paid more depending on the workload and the number of clients you have.



Maintain Your Equipment

Despite earning a lot from your social media job, don’t forget to save a part of your income for your computer maintenance. You wouldn’t want your computer to suddenly crash in the middle of an important task. Save a percentage of your income for monthly system checks and hardware replacement if needed. This will save you more money compared to buying a whole new device.


Like any kind of job, your earnings will largely base on your performance. If you perform poorly, no one would hire you. If you’re a beginner, start with the basic jobs priced at a low rate. From there, you can build a name for yourself and slowly increase your rate. You’d need to work hard and be patient. Learn different skills and techniques that will help you work efficiently.


Finding freelance social media jobs online may take time since finding a client isn’t that easy. To help you save time on searching for clients, register at and gain access to a vast client database. You’ll also find useful tools and training materials that will help you become a sought-after social media worker.


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