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How Much Can I Make with Freelance Data Entry Jobs Online?


Many companies depend on data entry workers to transfer data to computer systems. These individuals usually have strong typing skills and can recognize potential problems and inconsistencies with the data they enter into the system.


Job Description

Freelance data entry jobs require individuals to transfer data like statistics, numbers, and other information from one medium to another. This usually means entering data from a hard copy document into a computer program that stores and processes this information.


Data entry workers usually work in offices, but freelancers can just work at home. They can have varying work schedules, but some project-based data entry jobs do not have fixed schedules. You can work at any time as long you can submit the project on time.


The salary of online data entry workers can vary significantly depending on many different factors, such as the following:


  • Status – you can either be an employee of an independent contractor
  • Pay rate structures – the salary depends on the difficulty of the job or the skill required to complete the tasks
  • Speed – how fast you can finish the job


Online data entry jobs usually pay modest salaries. If a company promises huge salaries for these jobs, they are possibly a scam. Although there are companies that pay more than the average, you still have to be careful when choosing data entry jobs. Do a little research on the company that you consider working for to make sure that you will not be scammed.



Office vs. Work-at-Home Data Entry Jobs

Home-based data entry jobs sometimes pay less compared to a data entry job from an office. This is not because people who work at home are willing to earn less, but simply because online data entry jobs are mostly done by independent contractors. These individuals are not bound by minimum wage laws. Data entry jobs could be in competition with other home-based global jobs or micro-labor positions, which could reduce the pay rates.


Data Entry Jobs Pay Structures

Data entry salaries have various rate structures, including:


  • Hourly wage
  • Keystrokes per minute or keystrokes per hour
  • Per piece
  • Per word
  • Per audio minute


If you are a faster and more experienced data entry worker, all of these pay structures, excluding the hourly wage, will give you more pay.


Skills Required

Some companies require other skills for freelance data entry jobs, such as editing or verifying data. These jobs usually have higher salaries. If the company pays you on a per-piece basis, your rate will be higher. However, these jobs will take more time to accomplish, so the overall salary can be less if you are not as skilled.


Another thing to take note of is transcription jobs could be advertised as data entry. These jobs take more accuracy and skill, so they normally pay higher than just a data entry keying job.


Data Entry Jobs Salary Information

In the United States, freelance data entry jobs receive an annual median salary of $34,466. The minimum wage for a data entry worker is about $11 per hour and the top hour wages are $22. These estimates are based on salaries sent anonymously to by online data entry workers.


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