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How Much Can I Make with Freelance Ad Posting Jobs Online?


While there are so many legitimate ways to earn good cash on the internet, we think ad posting is one of the best options available for internet marketers of all levels. There is a long list of success stories involving ad posting, and the list is still growing longer.


How much can you make with freelance ad posting jobs online? You will be surprised on just how much cash you can potentially earn from the online ad posting agency.


How Much Does an Average Freelance Ad Poster Earn?

Different people have different claims on how much you can earn from ad posting. The fact is that if you play it right, you can earn some good money from ad posting, good enough that you can live comfortably off it.


Some ad posters actually earn thousands of dollars per month thru their online advertising gigs. It takes a combination of skill, persistence, and a knowledge of how ad posting works to get the most out of this gig.



Your Available Options in Ad Posting

You have multiple options when it comes to finding freelance ad posting jobs online. Some of these jobs will require your active participation, while others can earn you money passively. The amount you’ll earn from each opportunity depends on factors such as market saturation and promotion effectiveness. Here are some of the options you have if you want to get started with ad posting.


  • Start a blog – Starting your own personal blog allows you to enjoy some of the most common vehicles used for promoting ads. The first option is to directly post ads in your website. A lot of companies will pay you for advertising in your website and they will pay extra for every click that leads to your site. You can also create affiliate content sponsored by a particular business entity. Blogs and businesses tend to have mutual relationships.


  • Use social media – Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are essential weapons of the internet marketer. As a freelance ad poster, leveraging social media is a must to make maximum income. Opening an account or business page is free, and paying for promotions is relatively affordable and can reach many people.


  • Be a virtual assistant- You can earn from ad posting by becoming a virtual assistant. While VAs may have multiple responsibilities, handling online accounts is one of their most common roles. Creating ads and other promotional content is an example of ad posting you can do as a VA.


  • Use YouTube- This video sharing site actually has some features that will help you earn some money. Monetizing your YouTube account is one of the best ways to earn money while posting ads. Aside from ads themselves, you can earn extra using affiliate links.


Maximizing Your Earning Potential

There are many ways to maximize your earning potential with freelance ad posting jobs online. You can master a specific aspect of ad posting and/or use multiple mediums to get income. Finding multiple clients can help you get more earnings as well.


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